MondayMusic: All-Male Edition

Sam Dew
Sam Dew at SXSW 2015

Happy Labor Day! This week I’m featuring six of my favorite male artists (not because it’s Labor Day but because that’s what I felt like doing). They come from all over the country (and Canada) with half of them doing shows in Houston within the next month! If you haven’t yet heard of these musicians you’re in for a treat. This post includes singers, producers, and rappers all making some of the best music in their respective genres.

1. Kaytranada –

My favorite album of 2016, 99.9% is full of fun stand-out tracks like Lite Spots below. Listen to it, and when he finally comes to Houston you should come with me! The Canadian producer is also constantly putting out remixes on his Soundcloud.

2. Sam Dew –

I discovered Sam Dew unintentionally at SXSW where I was stunned to see this burly, bearded man singing falsetto over sparse instrumentation. Formerly of the group Cloudeater (also worth checking out), he has since pursued his solo career although he’s putting out music a little too slow for my liking.

blake and sumney tour
James Blake touring with Moses Sumney

3. Moses Sumney –

Speaking of putting out music slowly Moses Sumney has been keeping fans waiting while teasing us with occasional releases and cameos on songs like Shed You on the Creed soundtrack. I saw him perform years ago at SXSW at a Saint Heron showcase and he created a soundscape like he does in the video below. Since he just released a new video and he’s touring with James Blake (they’ll be in Houston on September 24!), I’m hoping the tour will coincide with a new album release.

4. James Tillman –

An NYC singer with a voice like velvet, he finally came out with a full-length album, Silk Noise Reflex, that for right now you can get for free on his Bandcamp!

5. Joey Bada$$ –

He is a disgustingly good rapper. His flow is reminiscent of what some would call the golden era of hip hop, where you can hear Brooklyn in his voice and you’d expect to hear some of the 90’s greats joining in as you listen to his latest album B4.DA.$$. He’s touring with Schoolboy Q right now so check him out on October 5.

blank face tour photo
Schoolboy Q Blank Face World Tour with Joey Bada$$

6. Schoolboy Q –

The most consistent of the group as far as releasing music, and the biggest name as well. This song Groovy Tony has been occupying an unreasonable amount of my mental space. The sheer aggression inspired by the album version called Groovy Tony, Eddie Kane is nonpareil. Oh, the Blank Face LP is a good listen but that’s standard for Q. And he’ll be back in Houston on October 5. I think the last time I saw him he was also at Revention Music Center and I had so much fun!


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  1. Terrance.O says:

    Nice reviews Jaison

    I’m a big fan of Kaytranada, looking forward to his show. Just seen Sango at Afropunk. Dope.

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