Cheap Tech: Replacing Business Cards with Contxts

Contxts photo

Business cards are annoying. I despise them, I’m running out, and I don’t want to buy a new batch. The information will end up going into my phone anyway, so why save it elsewhere? I’ve tried out various business card-scanning apps (Google Goggles and Evernote come to mind) and while they’ve saved me some time I don’t want to put others through the same hassle.

Enter: Contxts.

For me, Contxts solves several problems:

  1. I often run out of business cards at an event.
  2. Remembering where I met people is difficult if I don’t immediately write notes on the back of their card.
  3. I have no easy way of knowing exactly who received my business card.
  4. Entering information into my phone is tedious.
  5. I can’t always find a contact’s name later after it has been entered.
  6. Did I already say business cards are annoying?

I was introduced to this invisible app by Houston entrepreneur Danielle Fanfair at a recent startup event where she sat on the panel. I tested it out for myself and loved the simple process:

  1. Text a username like “DANIEL” to 50500. (make sure Daniel is in all caps)
  2. That’s it!

Your new contact receives a text inside of a minute with your contact information (customizable), including a vcard link that can easily add a phone contact entry. You receive a text message from 50500 with the phone number and name of the requester (from their phone contract it seems), which is also logged in the online portal. That way you can easily see every person you exchanged info with in that 50500 text history. I’ve found that people are impressed with the convenience, especially those who aren’t in the tech/edtech world. I think this will be especially useful for the educators who don’t have or like business cards. Sign up now before all of the premium usernames are gone. I love this free app!

Now if only everyone would download Chirp so we can easily send group pictures to everyone nearby using sound…


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