Voting in the March 6 Primary: Vote Early!

Below are some tips on how to be an effective and knowledgeable voter without exhausting yourself. As many of you know, I’m a deputy voter registrar (which means I can register people to vote) and I encourage everyone who is able to get out and vote early and often.* The turnout for day one is already up 300% in the Democratic party and 25% in the Republican party!

*kidding. That’s illegal. Please don’t get yourself arrested for voter fraud. That’s not a thing.


The League of Women Voters of Houston’s Voters Guide is my favorite resource for doing your own research.


  1. Pull up your sample ballot from to print or write down names since you can’t bring your phone into the booth.
  2. You can vote at any location during early voting (February 20 – March 2) but NOT on election day:…/EarlyVotingLocationsNonIE.pdf.
  3. The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area Voters Guide is an excellent resource to do your own research .
  4. If you doing your own research isn’t feasible the Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsements are a great starting point:
  5. Bring ID! Although if you don’t have it you can still vote. (Details here:
Early voting dates, times, and locations throughout Harris County. Click the pic for more details!

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