Cheap Tech: GoodRx for Buying Prescription Drugs

Cheap Tech

I only mess around with medicine when it’s absolutely necessary, so I’m always surprised at how expensive it is to fill prescriptions. Usually I’m only buying drugs for travel like malaria pills or cipro, but I was reminded of this tool after a trip to the pharmacy with a family member.

malarone 4

I have saved 100+ dollars simply by using GoodRx. Oftentimes I can just look up a coupon on the spot before I check out but for optimal benefit here’s my ideal process for buying generic Malarone (anti-malarial drug). You don’t need to sign up, give them a credit card, or download an app to use it!


1. Find out the name of the drug your pharmacist is prescribing including the method of delivery (e.g. tablet, inhaler), dosage, and amount. Usually these settings come up automatically with the most common prescriptions when you’re searching.

malarone 1

2. Select your pharmacy location. Before GoodRx I would just select the nearest location but there are often clear price differences between the locations. Then tell your doctor to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice!

malarone 2

3. Get your discount coupon or card by clicking the green button. You can simply show this to the pharmacist as you’re checking out if you didn’t print it beforehand.

malarone 3


And that’s it! Note the difference between the average retail price of $180 and the amount you’d pay at a Walmart pharmacy of $62.


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