Music: Nine More London Favorites

If you missed my first post on London music you missed a huge treat. Fortunately here’s a reminder with nine more artists you can listen to while you get caught up on British culture by bingeing Crazyhead or Chewing Gum on Netflix.

Laura Mvula. Source: NPR

1. Laura Mvula

The orchestration in her music alone makes Laura Mvula stand out. Then when you get into her videos it’s no question she’s a treasure. This video reminds me of the beloved “God Is Tryna Tell You Something” scene from The Color Purple. Check out her latest album The Dreaming Room!

2. James Blake

At this point you should already know who James Blake is since Kanye called him his favorite artist and thanks to Beyonce featuring him on Lemonade. I’m more of a fan of the albums before his latest, The Colour in Anything, but it’s still a wonderful listen if you’re in the mood for downtempo minor keys.

Raleigh Ritchie
Raleigh Ritchie. Source: Daily Mail

3. Raleigh Ritchie (aka Grey Worm)

Ok honestly his album from last year You’re a Man Now, Boy is decent (I like it for background music) but this is required listening for any fans of Game of Thrones. I like to imagine him singing this to Missandei. Also I felt like I didn’t have enough black men included in this post.

4. Denai Moore

I’m waiting for Denai Moore to get more buzz. Her stripped-down acoustic preference seems perfect for her voice which constantly sounds like she’s pleading.

rainy milo
Rainy Milo. Source: Wikipedia

5. Rainy Milo

She doesn’t come out with music often enough but her Limey EP still gets plenty of play.


Another vocalist over stripped-down electronic beats, his music is really peaceful. The perfect music to wind down after a stressful day.

7. Jack Garratt

I’m not as familiar with the rest of his work but if you’re not sold by this song then I’m questioning your tastes. His Phase EP came out last year.

8. Jordan Rakei

I’ve been listening to him since I heard his Franklin’s Room EP. Then he collaborated with Gwen Bunn which put him on my radar and when I heard the song featured below I was all the way in.


The first of the vowel-defying artist names that seem to be somewhat trendy right now, dubstep act SBTRKT collaborates with rappers and vocalists that complement his catchy production. If you’re on the fence about Sampha the self-titled debut album SBTRKT is a must-hear.

Sadly I’ve only seen the first and last artists in this list perform live. Probably a sign that I need to head to Afropunk London this year. Think I should go?


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