MondayMusic: Bilal in Your Speakers

Bilal getting a much-deserved proclamation from the city presented by Marium Echo and Zin

Without fail I listen to Philadelphia singer Bilal every week. Despite being firmly planted in a genre that has many artists releasing music practically once a generation, he now puts out exceptional music on a regular basis. Probably because he’s an Oliver. He doesn’t have a single bad album and he’s coming back to Houston on Friday at Fitzgerald’s! Tickets are only $15 which is a STEAL. Here are some of my favorites (not at all an exhaustive list) from his albums along with a few where he’s featured.

1. Open Up the Door

This from Bilal’s latest, 2015’s In Another Life, is such an inspirational song. When my bank account is running low I sing this to myself. “But when it rains…we grow.”

2. Longing & Waiting

From 2013’s A Love Surreal. This song captures the essence of the album.

3. All Matter (Robert Glasper version)

This is from my favorite album, 2010’s Airtight’s Revenge. My #1 song is actually Little One but I’m including All Matter because it’s awesome and this version has Houston’s own Robert Glasper and is included on his Double Booked album.

4. White Turns to Gray

This song, from the unreleased Love for Sale was my favorite as the album circulated the interwebs in the late 00s. It’s the perfect track to include on a playlist that would accompany a “u up” text.

5. When Will You Call

From Bilal’s 2001 debut 1st Born Second.

6. Best Friend

I love this album (Tweet’s Southern Hummingbird). I love this song. I want to see them sing it together.

7. The 6th Sense

My introduction to Bilal was this song in 1999 from Common’s Like Water for Chocolate. He looks so different in this video!

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