MondayMusic: The Mixtape Mashup Edition

Before I write another word I should say I’m not entirely sure of how to distinguish between a mixtape, EP, and a poorly-promoted album. With that in mind, I’m going the safe route  in this post and sharing some of my favorite mixtape tracks that are mashups or reworks.

1. Trackademicks – I Want You Back [Remix] ft. Raphael Saadiq & Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses and Trackademicks need to make more music together. This gem from Trackademicks’ [Re]Mixtape Vol. 2 made me a forever fan of them both. I’ve been sold on Raphael Saadiq since Lucy Pearl (fun fact: Lucy Pearl’s eponymous CD is in my car CD player as of September 26, 2016). This isn’t the remix because Youtube is being a hater but the original version is still Ray Ray & Teedra so it’s fire.

2. Diplo – I’m A Lady/Posse On Broadway ft. Santogold

Diplo has some *very* strong mixtapes. Top Ranking, the title of this mixtape, was used for one of my college essays (I think on race and class in Brazil). That’s how much I love this song. It was probably a horrible essay but my point stands.

3. Raheem DeVaughn – You/Not Like Crazy ft. Jill Scott

Raheem DeVaughn aka the R&B Hippie Neo-soul Rockstar when he was still putting out his Street Experience mixtapes. He had exceptional catchphrases. This from The Street Experience Vol. 5 is lovely.

4. Zo! – Nights Over Egypt ft. Carlitta Durand

This cover of the Jones Sisters is one of my favorite arrangements of my fellow Michigander Zo! If you recognize the name you’re probably a fan of his frequent collaborators The Foreign Exchange. Or you saw him mentioned in last week’s post. You can get the …just visiting too mixtape on his website for free!

5. Major Lazer & La Roux – Houstatlantavegas Pains ft. Drake

My only regret is that there isn’t a version of this that uses Eastatlantavegas from DJ Dibiase’s So Far Gucci mixtape. And La Roux is delightful. Check out Lazerproof.

6. BJ the Chicago Kid – 2wice

This Little Dragon cover from his mixtape The Life of Love’s Cupid (super depressing title) was one of my first moments of exposure to BJ the Chicago Kid. Of course I became a fan immediately and he’s been on the rise ever since. Not saying there’s a correlation but not saying there’s not a correlation.

I made a Spotify playlist that includes much of the music I post on my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think below. And sign up for my newsletter!


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