MondayMusic: Blasts from the Past

I’ve been reminiscing about some favorite albums from my past. I was looking at my Google Music and I figured others should benefit from the delightful randomness that is my collection. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Meshell Ndegeocello – Bitter (1999)

The Queen Sugar premiere brought me back to the phenomenal Meshell Ndegeocello who’s scoring the project. I started with Peace Beyond Passion but ended up listening to Bitter which is shown. I’m sure you recognize this song. My favorite Meshell album, however, is Devil’s Halo. I can’t wait for her to come to Houston.  I’m holding out hope.

2. Thundercat – Apocalypse (2013)

Speaking of bassists, Thundercat was revisited after I spent quality time with J Davey’s Queen of Wonderland and Flying Lotus’ unmastered version of Black Skinhead by Kanye. And this video with Eric Andre is absurd as one might expect of these two.

3. 4hero – Play With The Changes (2007)

This song by 4hero will forever remind me of Plei in Los Angeles (R.I.P. Lucy Florence) in the days of The Do-Over at Crane’s and Juju in Inglewood. Also I met Jack Davey at FreshDark Fest so I’m basically obsessed.

4. Ajoyo – Ajoyo (2015)

Somehow after leaving In The Heights (which you should totally go see) I was exhausted and this was the pick-me-up I needed as I rode home. This album was a surprise discovery of last year. Just play it straight through.

5. Project Pat – Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin’ (2001)

I was deliriously tired one day which caused me to spontaneously break out into Project Pat lyrics, which never fails to wake me (and probably my neighbors) up. I can’t remember which woman performed Chickenhead with me but she’s the real MVP.

Without Project Pat and La Chat we wouldn’t have this gif.

la chat gif

6. Owusu & Hannibal – Living With Owusu & Hannibal (2008)

This is an album I revisit regularly. It’s one of my favorite projects from Robin Hannibal, whose prolific list of collaborations includes Quadron, Rhye, and the Boom Clap Bachelors.

7. Washed Out – Within and Without (2011)

Last but not least we have the chillwave of Washed Out. If you like Toro y Moi and How to Dress Well, or even if you’ve never heard of them, check this out.


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