7 Reasons Why ‘Whose Billy Goat is This’ is My Favorite Thing

In case you haven’t seen it (I’m looking at you Facebook users), a video of Anthony Hamilton and his background singers, The Hamiltones, has been making its way around the internet. It gives me such joy that I wanted to share this with the world (aka my readers) with some explanation as to why I’ve been watching it nonstop.

1. They really care about that billy goat. From “eat what you got” and “don’t choke,” to breaking up the food to make sure the goat could eat it, to holding the goat back from the edge.

2. Is it really a billy goat? The internet (and contemporary politics) tell us that facts don’t matter, but the idea that they just call it a billy goat out of cultural inertia makes me really happy.

3. The movements of the first singer as he started crooning were those of liberation.

4. 97.9% sure that this was unrehearsed. Which means they just harmonize flawlessly like that all the time. Including when they encounter a random goat on a rock.

5. My second favorite part (Anthony Hamilton’s baa baa baa) is also somewhat inaccurate I think, but again facts don’t matter. Ol’ McDonald never had goats on his farm, which I bet is because that would be mildly terrifying.

6. How relaxing must it be to tour with Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones? Never in my life have I taken time out to feed a random goat while singing to it. Although the goat would probably find my voice mildly terrifying as well. This is #goals.

7. My favorite part is I’m convinced that they were feeding that goat barbecue chips and no one can convince me otherwise.

(Warning: semi-scientific and slightly lengthy explanation following.) My first thought was Cheetos which shows how my mind has been trained to see small yellow sticks as Cheetos rather than carrots. But then I thought carrots because I was worried about the goat eating Cheetos before recalling that goats can eat pretty much all food. But then I saw them feed it something circular, and no one would go out of their way to put both circular and stick carrots in a bag. Therefore, barbecue chips are the only logical explanation.

zack g math gif
Source: https://media.giphy.com/media/5yLgoceFO3BdJW1zvFu/giphy.gif

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