MondayMusic: 90’s Nostalgia

Sorry I’m a little bit late with this one. It stuns me at times to think about how much older I am than some of the artists that are popular today. Regardless, every time I hear a musical reference to a cherished childhood staple I know that I’ve found someone of my specific generation. Here are four songs that speak explicitly to my love of cartoons that has continued from childhood to now. Also Frank Ocean seems to be giving us a subtle reflection on the transition our legal system is making from maternal rights to fetal rights which is really cool.

1. Frank Ocean – Pink Matter

Cartoon: Dragonball GT

What is your woman, is she a just a container for the child? This soft pink matter. Cotton candy. Majin Buu.

2. Phony Ppl – helGa

Cartoon: Hey Arnold

I know what you’re thinking. I’m dreaming the same thing too. And Helga Pataki, I’m seeing through how you move.

3. Sza – Warm Winds

Cartoon: Pepper Ann

We were all 13 once. Long live tramp stamps and Pepper Ann. You would never judge me for that. You will always love me for that.

4. Childish Gambino – Bonfire

(warning this song is profane and the video is violent)
Cartoon: Invader Zim

These rappers are afraid of him. Cause I’m a beast, b*** Grr, Invader Zim.

5. Chance the Rapper – Wonderful Everyday

Cartoon: Arthur

What better way to close out than with the ultimate reference, where Chance the Rapper made a star-studded tribute to Arthur. Of course this was before the internet exploded with Arthur memes.


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