MondayMusic: Six London Favorites Part 1

London has been putting out exceptional music for years. Over the weekend I found myself revisiting a few of my personal favorites and decided to share. There will definitely be a follow-up post to this.

1. Native Dancer –

A recent discovery of mine with two EPs available including this year’s EP, Vol. II, the band’s listed influences range from Meshell Ndegeocello to Will Ferrell. Led by the rich voice of Frida Touray, they give me Hiatus Kaiyote vibes with their soulful, jazzy music.

2. Little Simz –

Rapper Little Simz puts out as much free music as 2008  Lil’ Wayne or Curren$y and she’s consistently good. Her flow is smooth and she switches effortlessly between beats. If you were lucky enough to catch her before the Anderson .Paak show in Houston recently then you’re probably a fan already. She collaborates with all your favorite indie singers on her latest EP Age 101: Drop X.

3. Szjerdene –

I discovered this singer’s Patchwork EP several years ago and she has consistently stayed in the electronica genre although she has moved to more uptempo music to back her melodic voice. Just last year she released the Paragon EP.

4. Everything Everything –

This alternative band just makes solid music. I heard Cough Cough first and I’ve been checking them out since, including their latest album Get to Heaven. And they make creepy videos.

5. Etta Bond –

Something about this singer just makes me play her music straight through. This is one of those situations where I’m worried that if she finds a good relationship we’ll stop getting good music.

6. Purple Ferdinand –

I don’t remember when I first heard her music but I was immediately hooked on the Dragonfly EP. She has minimal accompaniment which allows you to focus on her lovely voice. Her latest is the Love Bound EP.

To close out I’ll share my favorite Amy Winehouse song, although please don’t hold me to it because my favorite Amy track changes regularly.

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